Tommy Scouse caught a whopper..

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Me name’s Tommy.. and I’m a scouser!  I’m called Tommy scouse ’cause I lived in Wigan for 2 years with foster parents until I was nine, and the kids in school with their woolly back accents called me Tommy Scouse… and it stuck!

I’m back in Liverpool now, with me ma., just off Wapping Dock road…. social services thought she was fit to have me home again.  She convinced them that the drink was behind her, and that she could be a good mother..

I love me ma.. but she is a really shit mother.  Considering she supposed to be on the wagon, she sure does stumble a lot and slur her words.. and goes out for 24 hours at a time, when I don’t know where she’s gone (No.. that’s an exaggeration.. I DO know where she’s gone.. she’s in the pub.. in the Baltic Fleet, or one of the other little ones off Wapping Dock Road!).  Social Services don’t know their arse from their elbow! If they did, they’d know me ma was still a raving alcoholic, with more love for the Whiskey than for me.

But I do love her… she’s me ma!   And I try not to blame her, ’cause the drink is stronger than she is, and she can’t help herself.

So that’s me… Tommy.. but you can call me Tommy Scouse, ’cause everyone else does.

  1. Brilliant Jilly.
    Think that is one of the funniest things I have read in ages.
    The other people in the house here think it’s a bit of a sad story but I like to laugh in adversity.
    Just brilliant.
    I’m hooked now, sign me up.
    Greetings from Dublin.
    They say the Dubs and Scousers share a similar sense of humour.


    • scousepov says:

      Thanks a lot Dave,
      I like to write gritty realism with natural humour.. although Tommy Scouse’s story does tend to get a bit dark at times – but that’s life eh! Yes us scousers and you lot have the same humour definitely – well most of us scousers come from your side of the Irish sea anyway 🙂 I really like your photos!

      • Thanks, I’m discovering the darker side now that I read on a bit.
        You still got me laughing from time to time though.
        Please tell me its not a true story though, then I’ll have to stop finding humour in the dark side.

        Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated.


      • scousepov says:

        Don’t worry Dave – it’s all fiction. It’s all from inside my overly imaginative head! But Tommy’s strong – He’s a survivor 🙂 Keep up the blog!!

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