Liverbirds give me hope

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Liverpool Skyline - Photo by Jilly Gardiner

I’ve never been abroad. Well… unless you count Rhyl in North Wales. I suppose that’s abroad. But I heard that it’s dead hot abroad. Whereas Rhyl was damp and raining when I went. I stayed in a caravan for 3 nights when I was ten with a foster family I was staying with in Chester.

I stare up at the Liverbirds on top of the Liverbuildings… I wish I was one of them. Imagine being able to just lift off and fly anywhere you want in the world?! I’d go to New York first. I’ve heard it’s dead smart there. Someone told me you can climb right up into the Statue of Liberty’s crown… imagine that! Looking out over the Hudson River and seeing all the ships, and the huge skyscrapers that make up Manhatten (minus two of course!).

I’d just love to travel. I read loads of books in the library about it. If I’m not fishing on the dock, or exploring, I’m reading… you can be anywhere when you’re reading.. my brain is far more insteresting that my real life.. I can be anyone, going anywhere. A dead posh business man, The Sultan of Brunai, a President of United States… or even just a backpacker.. traveling all over the world, exploring different continents and meeting all the different people. The world is dead exciting! And I remember that when I look up at our Liverbirds, who look out to sea – half mythical bird, half cormerant.
I’m going to go to every country in the world one day – and I’m going to take me ma (when she says f~ck off to the whiskey bottle!) And we’re both going to be dead happy.


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