I dream of New York…

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After thinking about New York yesterday.. I dreamt last night that I was on one of those dirty great big cruise ships sailing into New York Harbour.  And I could see the Statue of Liberty, with her little crown with people in it.  I was waving to the people in the crown.  They looked dead happy.  And I was dead happy.   I looked over on a chair on-deck, and there was me ma, smiling and waving;  dressed in a long pink dress and a hat like they wear at the races… I’d never seen her look so happy.. she looked younger.  She’s 36 years old, but looks more like 50 most of the time.   But there she was laughing, dead happy, with not a wrinkle on her face.   I’d even say she looked quite pretty.  I felt on top of the world.

But then, in this dream, me ma reached under her chair and pulled out a bottle – it was the whiskey.    I screamed at her to stop, that she didn’t need it, that I could look after her.. that she didn’t need the bottle as her comforter.   But she just threw her head back and laughed, and took a huge swig from the bottle.   She looked old again.. old and wrinkled.   I was crying.   Tears rolling down my face.. but she just kept laughing and drinking.

I woke up then.. before we reached the harbour.   My pillow was wet where I was crying for real.   Thank God it was a dream.  But then I walked along the landing to me ma’s room.. and the bed hadn’t been slept in.. It wasn’t a dream after all…


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