Love is Regal

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m bleedin’ knackered! I’ve been up all night with my new puppy! He’s gorgeous but he kept crying in the pantry, so I snuck him up into bed with me, where he cuddled up to me under the blanket.
I gave in and asked me ma where she got the puppy from – she said Jimmy Wallis down the pub found him dumped in a box at the back of the Royal Court Theatre. Should have known me ma never bought the puppy for me…
So I’ve decided to call him Regal (Because he was found at the back of the Royal Court). He’s so gorgeous that he could be royalty, although there’s nothing Royal about him peeing all over my blanket this morning! Mind you, it’s not like royal people don’t go to the toilet is it… I suppose they pee like the rest of us! So you could say that it really IS quite Royal to pee!!

Me and Regal against the world! 🙂


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