Save Regal, Dump Binny!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Bubonic Binny has told me that my little dog, Regal, has to go!   I said to Binny ‘Where can he go?!’   Binny said he didn’t give a shit as long as it wasn’t where he was!

I can’t get rid of Regal… he’s not just a dog.. he’s my mate now, my bezzy mate!  Besides, Regal was here before Binny, so it’s Binny that has to leave if anyone has to!

I went and told me ma that Binny can’t make me get rid of Regal, and she said she’s sorry, but he can, ’cause he lives here and he’s older.   I don’t think that’s right!

I decided I was going to go around the Albert Dock and get people to sign a petition that I could give to me ma, that said Regal should stay, and Binny should go!

Some people were dead nice! They signed their name, and one even put his phone number down, just in case I did have to get rid of Regal.. he said he’d take him and look after him.   I thought that was dead nice of him (Not that it’ll ever happen, ’cause I refuse to EVER let Regal go! AND THAT’S THE END OF IT!) I’m 13 now, and in some countries you can marry and be a proper man.  I’m the man of that house.   That house is mine and me ma’s, NOT Binny’s, so he’s got no rights in MY house!

I got NINE signatures on the petition… I reckon that’s enough to take to me ma, and then she’ll let me keep Regal, and tell Binny where to get off!


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