Blood on the Bread Bin

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Liverpool Ferry Terminal - Photo by Jilly Gardiner

 I had a massive knot in my stomach.. like a ball of sick.  My chest was so heavy, I couldn’t breath.   I decided.. that was it!   I sprung off the bed and opened the bedroom door to the landing.   I could hear me ma screaming and Binny shouting.  My heart was racing. 

I ran down the stairs, missing every other step,  and burst open the door into the kitchen.    Binny was holding me ma against the kitchen unit by the top of her dressing gown.

Me ma turned to look at me; she looked frightened.  ‘Tommy! Go away.. it’s all right!’

Binny turned and screamed at me ‘Yes, f&ck off!’

I didn’t know what to do, I was scared.   ‘Get off me ma!’ I shouted.   Me ma tried to step sideways away from Binny while he was distracted by me, but he turned to her, held her dressing gown by the scruff of her neck and smacked her hard across the face! So hard that he lost his grip on her dressing gown and she fell to the floor.  

That was it, I didn’t think.. I ran over and punched him hard in the back.  He fell into the unit and cried out in pain. 

‘Leave her alone!’ I screamed.  His face looked angry, I knew he hated me.   I had to hit him again while I had the chance, before he was up again and going for me.  

So I lunged forward, pulled my punching arm back, and smashed him dead hard right on his nose.  Blood spurted everywhere.. all over the units, the kettle, the  bread bin (which had never had bread in it since I pulled it off a skip 4 months ago!).  There were  little red dots just everywhere.  It’s amazing how much blood you can get from your nose!

Me ma screamed at me, ‘Tommy, no!  Get out Tommy, get out!’.  

Binny was rolling round on the floor holding his nose.   I knew me ma was right.  I knew that once Binny got up off the floor he’d be after me.. he’d kill me!

‘Go Tommy!’ Screamed me ma, ‘You’ve done enough damage!’

I backed out of the kitchen, not wanting to leave me ma, but not wanting to wait for what Binny was going to do to me when he finally stood up.

I ran straight out of the house.. I ran.. and I ran..  down to the dock.. but I didn’t stop.. I just kept running till I was by the ferries.   I could bunk on a ferry going to Ireland , or the Isle of Man.  Yes, the Isle of Man.    I’ve never been, but it sounds so ‘Manly’… where real men live.    I’m a man now I’m 13, so that’s where I should live!

It was then I remembered I’d left Regal behind! He was still in my bedroom.

That’s when I knew I couldn’t run away now; I couldn’t leave Regal in that house with Binny.    There was nothing else for it;  I was going to have to go home and face the music….


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