Wait until I get hold of Binny!

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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 I spent the night walking, and walking and walking.   There was no sign of Regal anywhere!  I was walking around the streets and kept bursting out crying.. I felt like a right knob head!  Everyone looking at me.. other kids laughing,  grown ups asking if I was okay.   I felt such a tw*t!  I was shouting Regal’s name everywhere.

I’d ran into me ma’s bedroom last night.  I was going to dive on Binny and kick the shit out of him!  But he wasn’t there… there was just me ma.. out of it on the bed.. an empty whiskey bottle lying next to her.  I knew I’d never be able to wake her, and even if I could, she’d barely know who I was!

So now I was just wandering the streets of Liverpool , not having a clue where Regal could be.   I even went down the docks to see if there was a plasy bag with something little in it floating in the water!   I thought I saw something floating at one point.. but it turned out to be a bin bag full of rubbish.  I burst into tears of relief when I realised that it wasn’t Regal.  I was knackered from no sleep, and I was supposed to be in school.   I headed back home.. I couldn’t think straight in this state.

I hate Binny’s guts!  When I find him, HE’S DEAD!


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