Plotting Revenge

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I had to go home and sleep.   I would look for Regal when I woke up.   I didn’t wake until the night time, and knew it was too late to look for Regal then.  Me ma had stayed in bed all day.

So I got up and started to looking for Regal again at seven o’clock this morning.  I walked along by the docks for hours, watching for anything floating.  But always relieved when there wasn’t.

By midday I walked along the dock road, and in and out of pubs looking for Binny.   And then I found him! He was sitting, half cut in one of the old pubs, with a nose like he’d done a round with Mike Tyson! If I’d have not been so desperate to find Regal, I’d have actually felt proud that it was me who gave him that nose!  He laughed when he saw me, and greeted me like a mate.. ‘Tommy lad! How are you doing!’

‘Where’s Regal!’ I asked… well.. screamed!

Binny swigged his pint and placed it hard on the table  ‘He’s somewhere in the Mersey!’

I screamed ‘What!!’

Binny just laughed.  My eyes where stinging with tears but I was trying not to let him see them.  His head was back and he was laughing hard.   I saw red, and picked up his pint, determined to plant it in his head! But he saw me coming and knocked it out of my hand, then put his arm against my neck, holding me against the wall.  He spoke quietly into my face.

‘Don’t push it, Tommy lad! You won’t get away with a second time.’

I just stared back him.. I hated him so so much.

‘Now be a good boy and f&ck off home, while you can still walk’. He held his arm tight against my throat.  I could feel my eyes bulging.    He let go and walked back to the bar for a new pint.

I didn’t know what to do.  I left the pub, and I ran, and ran, and ran.   I ran all the way home, but through the tears that poured down my face, I was plotting; thinking of what I could do to Binny to make him pay.  But nothing I could think of seemed bad enough in revenge for Regal….


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