Can dogs wear nappies?

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I haven’t been to school for most of the week… I couldn’t take the risk of leaving Regal at home where Binny might get to him.   I wouldn’t even go the bog without him!  He’s become my right arm.. (If I didn’t already have a right arm, that is!).  I’m so afraid of leaving him, but he can’t be attached to me 24 hours a day….

Not that I’ve seen Binny.  I’ve heard him rolling in bladdered at all hours of the night, and then those really disgusting noises coming from me ma’s bedroom.  I might be thirteen, but I know exactly what’s going on the other side of that wall.. and  it’s something I don’t want to think about.  So me and Regal end up putting our heads under the pillow and trying to block out the noise…  But it gets so loud that Regal starts howling with every bang of the bed on the wall.     It always sounds like Binny’s hurting her.. makes me want to just run in there and knock him straight out of the bedroom window onto the street below. 

Anyway.. I don’t want to talk about it; it makes me feel like throwing up just thinking about it.  People shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing over thirty anyway!!

I’ll be glad when Regal’s house trained, my bedroom’s starting to smell like the lift in one of those multi-storey car parks!  Rank!


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