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After I’d made my decision, I pretty much knew I had to stick to it.   I slept with Regal in my arms that night.  Isn’t it funny how dogs just love you no matter what?

I planned to do it the next day, but bottled out and took him for a long walk along the Pier Head.

But today I knew I had to do it….

So I pulled out a screwed up piece of paper from a pair of jeans I wore last week (I’d been wearing them for nearly 2 weeks, so I thought it was about time I changed them before they walked out of the house and jumped into the Mersey all on their own!).  

 I took the piece of paper, stuffed it into my coat pocket and walked down to the phone box with Regal.    I put the money in the slot and dialled the number on the piece of paper.   A man answered on the other end.

I swallowed hard and spoke ‘Hello, is that Ray Moorland?’


‘I’m the lad who was doing the petition about saving my dog, Regal, on the Albert Dock the other week’.

‘Oh yes?’  He sounded surprised.

‘Did you mean what you said about looking after my dog if I couldn’t keep him?’

There was a silence, I just bet he didn’t mean it after all!

‘Yes I did mean it, is everything okay?’   What a d*ckhead question that was! Of course everything wasn’t okay! Does he think I’d be giving my dog away, who I love with all my heart if everything was okay!??

I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to stay calm, ‘I can’t keep him.. I wondered if you’d look after him for me?  Give him a good home?’

The voice on the other end was soft and gentle ‘Of course I will’.

I felt a mixture of relief and devastation.   Tears welled in my eyes like a girl.  I held them back as I spoke, ‘There’s one condition though!’

‘Go on?’ He said patiently.

‘You must let me visit! You must let me come and take him for walks sometimes and stuff!’   Tears started to run down my face now, but I managed not to let the fella on the phone know.

The fella laughed gently, ‘I insist on it!’.  

He could hear my tears then.   So relieved, but so sad all at the same time.   Regal would be safe from the hands of Binny, but I wouldn’t have him anymore.  

Everything was going to be all right for him.   He was going to have a dogs life… a great life!…


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