Going with my instinct..

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Image by chrisinplymouth via Flickr

I had this mad idea, and decided to go with it…

I found myself walking along that posh road where I pulled the footstool from the skip over a month ago.  People were staring at me as I passed them.. I was shivering and dripping wet.  I caught my reflection in the window of a parked car – my hair was stuck to my face, and my white school shirt was sticking to my skin.  I looked down at myself; my shirt was so wet that it was see through.  My nipples where sticking out under it!  How f&cking embarrassing!

I hesitated as I stopped by the door of Anthony, the fella whose skip I’d raided.  I didn’t really know why I was here, but for some reason I just knew he’d help me.   I stared at myself in the window of his front door, flattening my hair down with the palms of my hands, before taking in a dead deep breath and pressing my finger on the doorbell…..

  1. celticshaman says:

    Where’s Binny? What happens to Binny?

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