Irish Sausages and Cider!

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American cider

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I kept my head down for weeks after that….  I’d done my duty as a son when the social worker came round to review the situation and the living arrangements.. I made out like me ma had turned her life around, that she’d battled the demon whiskey and won.   I made out like I was the happy, well-behaved son who went to school every day and always did his homework.  And when the social worker asked me if it was just me and me ma living in the house, I said yes.   When the social worker had gone,  me ma said I did her proud, that we worked great as a team.   I nodded, yes we worked great as a team… a team where we could pull the wool over other people’s eyes, making us look like the perfect family (only with a dad in Strangeways doing time for murder, and a house that looked like it had just come out the other side of a tsunami!)

In fact me ma was so grateful that she went down the corner shop and bought sausages!   Irish sausages! (the ones with the green bits in)    We had them with a bag of chips between us from the chippy.   She bought a 2 litre bottle of cider while she was at the corner shop, and even poured me a glass!   Yes it was a satisfying evening.  I went up to bed feeling pleased… Not quite sure what I was pleased about, but I was defo pleased.

It was only when I came down later to see Binny back in the house, bags and stinking shoes back in the hallway, that I knew the feeling of pleasure would never last for long.   Binny was in his usual place on the settee, smoking a spliff.   But what pissed me off more than that was that he had his mangy feet on my royal leather footstool!  I was so angry when I saw those dirty grey, sweaty socks with mangy toes sticking out of them resting on my shiny brown footstool, that I didn’t think.. I just lunged over to him, smacking his legs from on top of it.   He was so shocked, he stood up with his mouth open, and even dropped his spliff on the carpet!

Before he could think of something to say, I’d swiped the footstool, ‘Keep  your dirty, rotten feet off my gear!’   Whether it was the shock of me lashing out that made him just stand there like one of Lewis’s saying nothing, or whether it was because he was too stoned to know what was going on, I’m not really sure.  But I have to admit, it was great to watch him speechless!   Me ma was on the other chair, and just watched – I’m sure I could see a smile under those thin, blue  lips.

I turned with the stool and marched from the living room, climbing quickly up the stairs and into my bedroom (just in case Binny found his voice, or remembered where his fists were!).

When I got in the bedroom I sat on the bed just staring at the footstool on the floor.   Then I just couldn’t help smiling!   What had just happened??  I’d stood up for myself! And Binny had done f&ck all to stop me!

It felt F&CKING great!

I threw myself back on the bed.. lying my head on the pillow.   I put me hands behind my head, took a deep breath and just stared at the ceiling….  that was f&cking awesome!!!!

  1. celticshaman says:

    Binny is Back!

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