Death to Algebra!

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Unital associative algebra axioms, written as ...

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I started back at school last week.. year nine… CRAP.   Miss Mahoney is Maths, and she’s a right weirdo!  Glasses on the end of her nose, but never looks through the glass in them.. always over the top.   And she’s got these squinty eyes, just like a mole that’s just poked its head out of a mole-hole.. And she speaks in this dead strong Irish accent: ‘Will you not be going home today at tree-tirty Master Doherty?’
I replied  ‘Yes Miss, I will’. 

And she goes, ‘NO you will not Master Doherty, not while I have a breath left in me body, so help me God!’.
‘Arrr ay miss!’
It’s not like I was doing nothing wrong! I’d found an old copy of National Geographic in the library, and I’m ashamed to say I’ve got a thing about them lately, I just can’t stop reading them! … The world is just amazing! And I don’t want to be sitting here doing algebra and watching Miss Mahoney squint at me over her glasses that she might as well not be wearing (I bet she only wears them to hide her huge conk!) 

One day I’m going to get on one of those cruise ships right out of here, and sail away to every single country in the world.   I’m going climb mountains, cross deserts, feed starving children, save endangered animals, and swim oceans.   And me ma will be proud, and Binny will be dead or in jail.


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