Walking Regal

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Our Daily Challenge - Doors

Image by JaseCurtis via Flickr

I picked Regal up and took him for a walk.  I usually go there about 3 times in the week to walk him.. then I  take him for a dead long walk on Sundays – all over South Liverpool, depending on the weather.   If it’s raining, Regal’s foster parents let me stay in their house instead.   They make me tea, and let me sit on the couch with Regal cuddled next to me.   I always wish it would rain when I go to see Regal.

Regal is the only thing in my life I can really trust.  He might not live with me anymore, but I’m over there by his furry side loads.   And his foster parents say he sits by the front door at about 4 in the afternoon, waiting for me to come and see him.  I love him so much.

Binny’s well got his slippers under the table in our house again now – not that he wears slippers… just manky, stinking,  socks.   I hate me ma for letting him in.   I wish I had somewhere else to live, but I want me ma to come with me.

I stay away in the evenings, or sit in my bedroom.   I unscrewed one of the locks on the toilet door in school, and put it on my bedroom door to keep bubonic Binny scum out.  But I won’t take Regal back there – I just can’t chance it.

I’m going to wait until Binny’s gone…  and he WILL  be gone… Then Regal can have a life with me again.

  1. val odriscoll says:

    ab fab keep them coming gill

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