The Girl with the Brown Eyes….

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I had this ginormous smile on my face when I was walking home from school this afternoon.  I kept trying to make it go away but it kept coming back.. I couldn’t control it.   I was in a good mood going to school this morning for two reasons….. one was because Liverpool had won 2 – 0 on Saturday, and the other was because Binny hadn’t been around for days.    Then to top off the huge smile I had spread across my face this afternoon, was that Penny Salerno in our class had walked half way home with me tonight.   I was dead made up that her house wasn’t by mine though – I couldn’t have let her see where I lived.

Penny is 13 like me.  She’s got this dark brown hair that sits on her shoulders, and eyes so brown that you can hardly see the black circle in the middle.   Not that I fancy her or nothing!   She’s just a girl who smiled at me twice today, and then caught me up on the way home to walk with me.  She’s got dead white teeth though… perfect as well.   She’s quiet in class, but she’s one of those girls that everyone likes.  And half the lads fancy her.   I DON’T fancy her though!  She’s just a girl who wanted to walk home with me…..  THAT’S all!

Anyway.. I realised that I had my jumper on inside out when she pulled on the tag at the back, which supposed to be on the inside.  I felt like a right knob!  But I didn’t want to take it off and turn it the other way, ’cause it would mean she’d see the state of my shirt underneath.   I’d been wearing it for a week.    Not that I’m lazy, but our washing machine doesn’t work and Binny’s  socks and undies have been hanging in our bathroom for a week.   How can washed socks still stink? It’s a wonder they didn’t walk out of our bathroom  all by themselves.  I needed to wash my clothes in that bathroom sink, but I didn’t want to go in there for longer than I had to, so I’ve been putting it off.   But Binny’s been missing for days, I can tell even me ma doesn’t know where he’s gone.    I’m secretly hoping that he’s fallen off the end of the pier while he’s been stoned.  But I just bet my luck wouldn’t stretch that far.

Getting back to Penny… she’s all right she is.    Asked me loads of questions about my life and family and stuff.  I didn’t really answer them though..      Well what could I say really??  ‘Hello Penny, I’m  Tommy… let me tell you a bit about myself: My dad’s doing life in Strangeways for murder, me ma’s an alchy… her fella’s a junky… I have to cover my ears with my pillow every night so I can’t hear them sh*ggin’.  My dog got put up for adoption, and I’ve had more foster parents than you’ve had hot dinners!’.     Yes she’d be dead impressed with that wouldn’t she?!!! NOT.

Binny's fate (hopefully!) - Photo by Jilly Gardiner

So instead I just smiled and kept asking her the same questions she was asking me.   She’s got an older brother, aged 17.  He’s doing his A-Levels, but then he wants to go and study in Milan, as that’s where a lot of her family are from.   How cool is that!   I knew I liked the Italians!

She’s all right she is.

When the time came for her to walk the other way to her home , I was a bit disappointed, so I kept her talking about her family a bit more.  Her ma’s a dressmaker and her dad’s a plumber.  I nearly laughed out loud when she said her dad’s a plumber…  wasn’t that what Super Mario was? An Italian Plumber!  I thought it was dead funny, but I kept it to myself.   I couldn’t think of anything to ask her in the end, so I just said ‘see you’ and walked away.  I didn’t even look back, just in case she caught me looking.   Maybe I should have asked her if she wanted me to walk her home or something.. but I think she’d have thought I was coming on strong.  So I just played it cool.

Penny’s all right she is..


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