The Phantom Cupboard Locker!

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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PHD02 - Out of tuneI spoke too soon… Binny was back yesterday!   He turned up with a guitar.. not a lecky one, just an old guitar, like what they used in the olden days.   He sat there last night trying to play it, while he smoked his spliff.   Me ma listened to him as if he was dead good.. but he was really crap!

I went and laid on my bed, and just thought about Penny Salerno.  She’s all right she is.  She smiled at me again today –  I had to look away in the end ’cause I felt embarrassed.   I was gutted when I had to stay behind for a few minutes while the head master had a word with me – it meant I couldn’t catch penny up and walk home with her.
I had to stay behind because Mr Lang, our arts teacher, had got himself locked in the arts cupboard.   Not my fault if the cupboard’s got a dodgy catch!  Mr Lang is about 9 feet tall, and looks like a normal sized person who’s been stretched.. or one of those mirrors in the fun house that makes you look long and lanky.    He wears these dead thick glasses, and has long spindly fingers like the child-catcher.
Not my fault that the door accidentally shut and locked behind him when he was in there getting more printing paper!  He wasn’t in there for long!   And then after about 5 minutes of him knocking on the door to get out, I actually started feeling a bit sorry for him.   I opened the door, even though the other lads didn’t want me to.   But the first person Mr Lang saw when the door opened was me! So he went straight to the head and told him it was ME that locked in the cupboard,  but it wasn’t – it was Lee Davies that locked the door when it shut, but I’m not a grass so I just stood there was this half grin on my face.  I could tell he was wound up by my grin… but it wasn’t really a grin.. I just didn’t know how else to hold my face!

School building and recreation area in England

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He told me that me ma would be getting a letter through the post to come and have a chat with him… As if I’d give a shit about that!.. me ma wouldn’t even turn up to see the headmaster even if  I’d burnt the whole school down with all the teachers in it!

  1. celticshaman says:

    Yay! Binny’s back but then dissapears in the first paragraph. You are creating suspense! Keep Posting, keep writing. One day we’ll find out what happens to Binny!

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