A Seagull Remembered

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I sat on a bench on the dock after school.. it was raining.  Not proper rain, but wet rain.. you know what I mean?  That damp stuff that fools you into thinking it’s not raining until it’s too late!

Liverpool Docks - Photo by Jilly Gardiner

I watched this seagull strutting up and down in front of me.. looking at me with its one eye on the side of its head (it did have two eyes though!).   It must have thought I had food on me…. I didn’t.    I had a ciggy – just one, and even that was damp where I’d had it stuck behind my ear.

I watched the seagull as I tried to light my ciggy, but I felt  dead guilty that I had no food for it.

I thought about when I was dead young, and I went to Seaforth with me ma.  I don’t know how old I was, but I can’t have been more than four… I went into care for the first time when I was nearly five.

This day in Seaforth was when me ma was light and happy.   She had time for me, and she’d laugh loads.    I remember we had these homemade butties with us.  We fed a bit of them to the seagulls on the seafront, and they wolfed the lot.    Me ma giggled, especially when the seagull tried to take the butty right out of her hand!  It made me giggle too.  I remember her throwing her arms around me and giggling.. pretending she was scared of the seagull.

Me ma was someone else then…. I hardly know her now.  She’s not just older and skinnier, but she’s not that same ma I knew then.

God I miss her so much.

  1. val odriscoll says:

    fabulous keep them coming

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