The Knock-off Chrimbo Spirit.

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Everyone’s going on about Chrimbo!   Chrimbo this.. Chrimbo that….  Can’t see what all the fuss is about myself!   Empty, cold house, watching the tele, wondering how bladdered me ma will be when she gets home… will she be carried home, or will she be able to walk all by herself (I have bets with myself).   Kids in our school get dead excited about it!  It’s just a commercial scam me ma says.  All that money on prezzies that the kids only play with for five minutes, and they’re put out with the rubbish by New Year.

I’d love a guitar for Chrimbo.    I’ve been sneaking a go of Bubonic Binny’s guitar for weeks now… and I think it’s fair to say… I’m getting pretty good at it!   I haven’t got a book or nothing, and can’t pay for fancy lessons, but I can play a good rendition of ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles!   Binny still hasn’t noticed I’ve been playing it.  But it’s just stuck in the corner of the living room gathering dust – so it’s a shame not to put it to some use.  I’m working on ‘Come together’ by John Lennon… I’ve got the first bit sounding pretty great, but I’m still trying to get my head around the ‘Doo do neee ee neee’ bit.   They do music in our school.. If I had a guitar I could go and get lessons there.

I’ve cut a picky of a guitar out of the catalogue, and I put it on the side board in the kitchen, where me ma makes her double shot of strong coffee (like treacle!),   I’m hoping it’ll give her ideas of what to get me.  It’s a cheaper guitar, and it’ll be even cheaper if she buys it second hand (or cheaper again if it’s knock off!).. so I’m sure she could afford it.

Please God… make me ma get us the guitar for Chrimbo (Knock off will do!)  and I won’t ask for any birthday or Chrimbo prezzies for the next ten years!

I’ve decided I’m going to pick up a Christmas tree and put it in our living room, and decorate it with fancy lights.  I’m going to go out this afternoon and see where I can get one!  It might even get me ma in the Chrimbo spirit, and she might think I deserve a guitar!


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