The Chrimbo Tree

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Christmas lights 2010

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Did a recky yesterday around the city… looking for a Chrimbo tree.   Found the perfect one… not too big.. not too small!  Problem was.. it was in the front garden of someones house, with blue Chrimbo lights on it!   No one seemed to be in when I went back that way today (I had a look through the window!),  So I went and nabbed it.   It was about 4 feet tall, and was in a pot.  I took the lights off it and put them on the doorstep, before attempting to lift the tree.  It would hardly budge!   I ended up having to take it out of the pot (the pot weighed a ton), and dragged it down the path and along the road… soil everywhere.


By the time I got it home there was no roots left on it, and I had no pot to stand it in.   I got the bucket from my ma’s bedroom (it’s actually a mop bucket, but it’s never seen a mop!)  Me ma uses it as her ‘throw up bucket’ when she’s too bevvied to get off the bed to reach the bathroom).   The bucket stank of puke (still some in it), so I washed it out in the sink and then put some soil into it… The tree fitted in it just perfectly.  I watered it (wasn’t sure if that’s what I was supposed to do), and put it in front of the window in the livingroom.   I wished I’d nicked the blue lights from the garden now, but it IS Christmas, so I thought I’d be charitable and just rob the tree instead.


I stood there staring for ages at the tree… it was a bit lop-sided but it looked the part (Now where can I ‘borrow’ some shiny balls from?).



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