I don’t want to be alone..,

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Out of the works of the Scientology Volunteer ...

Haitian Earthquake - Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been on the computer in the library learning all about Haiti.     That big earthquake killed about ten-thousand people!  What if they were my cousins, and my nan and grandad?  What if there’s no one left in Haiti who would care for me and take me in?  What if they’re all dead and I didn’t even get to meet them?

What if the only person I’ve got left in the world is me ma? And she hasn’t come home again.    I’ve spent the last few nights worrying sick about her – what if she’s dead somewhere?  It’s not the first time she’s gone missing for days.  Last time I ended up calling the bizzies, and they came and took a statement – that was when they ended up putting me back into care again.  Me ma had said it was my fault I’d gone back into care, because I’d grassed her up to the bizzies.  But I hadn’t.. I was just worried she might be dead or something.

So this time I won’t call the bizzies.  If she’s not home by boxing day I’ll go and tell someone.. but not the bizzies.  I spent the afternoon in my bedroom getting my ma’s Chrimbo prezzy ready – if she decides to come home.  It’s just a fancy wooden chair I found in a skip.. but I’ve painted it white and used a little brush to put little flowers on it (I remember once she said she really liked flowers).    Once it was painted I sat on the bed and stared at it; it looked dead nice and new – I’m sure she’d love it!

Out the blue again.. the tears started, they fell out my eyes like a waterfall.  Once I started crying, I couldn’t stop.  I laid down on my bed and just cried and cried, until my pillow was soaked through.    I feel so alone.

I want my dad (even if he is a convicted murderer), I want to see my cousins and nan and grandad in Haiti (If they’re still alive from the earthquake)… I want me ma (But not as she is now).

Please God.. bring me ma back safely…I don’t want to be all alone for Christmas….


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