First Manchester, next Haiti!

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Now I’ve made the decision… I’m feeling a lot more positive about everything.  Yes.. a new year, a new start!   I’m going to find my family!!

I mean.. who the f$ck am I?  I don’t know nothing about my background.    Me ma won’t tell me nothing.   The most I know about me dad is that he’s in Manchester Prison doing time for murder, and that he’s from Haiti.   And that’s the most me ma will tell me….And I don’t even know if that’s the truth!    The only other family I know I have is me ma’s sister who lives in Huyton– and they hate each other’s guts, so I haven’t seen her since before I went into care the first time (when I was about four).   Me ma and her sister were put into care when they were little, so they’ve never really known their ma.

Huyton railway station

Image by Secret Pilgrim via Flickr

So I reckon me dad is the way to go.. especially as I’ve never been to Manchester before, never mind the prison.  And I’ve defo never been to Haiti… and that sounds a lot more interesting than Huyton, earthquake or no earthquake! Besides, I’ve already been to Huyton when I played a footy match there with our school last year (we won 3-0).

I mean, me ma might be lying.. me dad might only be in prison for fraud or speeding or something – but she’s probably just told me it’s murder so I never try to get in touch with him.  I bet he’s wondered why I’ve never gone to see him… I bet he’s not half has bad as what me ma makes out.

I’m going to go the library tomorrow and find out more about Haiti, so when I go and see me dad he’ll be dead impressed that I know so much about his home country – then I bet me nan and granddad and all my cousins will be begging me to go over and live with them in a house by the beach, where we can watch the sea without going outside the gate, and we don’t need to wear coats in the winter.  I am feeling SO excited now…. Cant wait!

  1. ccwinning says:

    Got my fingers crossed. There has to be hope!

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