Beyond the Mersey Shores…

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Haiti… been reading all about it.    Beaches and gorgeous warm sea on one side..   rubble and devastation on the other.  Some people are so poor, they’ve even got less money than me ma (I can’t believe their cupboards could be any emptier than ours though).  At least there’s always coffee in our house.  I bet me dad’s family live by the beaches, where the earthquake didn’t make so much damage.

Some cities were hit so bad by the earthquake that they’re just piles of rubble.  I just can’t believe that any of my family will be in those parts.   I think I might leave it a while before I go and seek out my nan and granddad – they’re hardly going to have a spare bedroom for me when they haven ‘t got enough for themselves are they?  I might start by going over to Barbados and hanging around there for a bit, then I’ll hop over to Haiti once there’s a spare room for me.  I could even help them build a new house.. I’m dead good at laying bricks.

I’ve read there’s surf on the East side of Barbados.. I’m going to go there first.   I can’t surf, but I know I’d pick it up dead quick.   It’ll be boss.

Barbados – Photo by Jilly Gardiner

On another plus note… I walked Penny Salerno half way home again from school the other night.  She’s all right her…. Got dead white teeth and everything!  I let it slip that I’d been reading National Geographic magazines – How uncool is that!   But she said her mum had loads, and that she’d bring some into school for me to read.   I tried to make out like I didn’t care either way if she did or she didn’t (I’d never live it down if kids in our class knew I read National Geographic… I might as well go to school in a pink tutu and ballet slippers… I’d get my head kicked in either way!!).

Graffiti - Ballerina silhouette

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