Valentine’s Day is for Wimps!

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Valentine’s day is for wimps!  I knew it when I bought a fifty-nine pence Valentine’s card from Tesco Express…  I knew it when I wrote:

‘To Penny.. be my Valentine… from ????’

…. I knew it when I got up at five o’clock this morning and snuck around to Penny’s house and quietly slipped the card through her letter box.     I didn’t know she had a dog though… I nearly had to change my kecks when this huge sounding monster started barking and growling from behind the front door.

Buster Brown Valentine postcard by Richard Fel...

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I turned and legged it along the road, hoping that I had the right house.   Penny had told me where she lived, but I’d never actually seen the house, and she didn’t tell me she had a bleedin’ great rottweiler the size of a grizzly!! (Not that I saw it, but I could imagine what it looked like; mouth snarling and teeth dripping with the fresh blood of its recent kill!).

Yes, Valentine’s day is for wimps.  That’s why I’ll never, never, never admit to anyone that I sent it – even if they shove lit matches down my finger nails, and press my head down into a pile of dog shite!

I’m feeling nervous and excited about tomorrow.  It’s tomorrow I’m going to Strangeways prison to meet my dad.   Finally.   I’ve rehearsed it loads of times in the mirror.   Bet I won’t sleep tonight!!!

(Happy Valentine’s day Penny Salerno) x

  1. ccwinning says:

    Really warming to this story, since the turn of theyear I’m feeling more optimistic for our lad. please don’t stop.

  2. scousepov says:

    Thank you! He deserves a bit of happiness! 🙂 But then, how boring the story would be if it all ran smoothly 🙂
    Hope you’re better and running around again now!

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