Footy matches and vomiting bugs..

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Football…. I f&ckin’ love it!    After thrashing Childwall boys 3-1 the other week, we went on to demolish Aintree Allstars on Saturday 7-1 (YES…Seven – One!!!).  I might have lost half my teeth, but my feet are doing just fine with a football in front of them.   Stevie Gerrard, move over!

And last week me ma went 2 days without a drink! (Yes, 2 days!!!!)  Ok, she had that vomiting bug where she constantly threw up when she moved an inch, so she couldn’t get out of bed.  I just supplied the washing up bowl and the glasses of water for 2 days.  But still, I’ve never seen her go 2 whole days without the whiskey before.

She told me that she felt so sick that she might never touch another drop of ale again.  I didn’t believe her though (and a day later I was helping up the stairs to bed after she’d been on a 14 hour bender).

Another shock I had last week was that me ma DID actually have a copy of my birth certificate! So I could book in and register at the NHS dentist to get my teeth sorted out.  Me ma said she always had to have a copy of the birth certificate for every time she had to get me back from social services.

I wish me ma would have a vomiting bug more often… it was nice to have her around for a few days.. even if she was only half conscious and she had her head stuck over a bowl most of the time!

Penny Salerno gave me a Cadbury’s Cream Egg on our last day of school before Easter!  I’ve saved it for Easter Sunday.  Felt ashamed that I didn’t get her anything back.  She gave a few out to different kids in the class, but I was the only boy she gave one too 🙂

cadbury creme eggs

Photo credit: contemplative imaging

After I’ve travelled over every continent, I’m going to be a footy star I reckon!

  1. wheniwasalad says:

    Yet to get through you whole blog but keep dipping back now and again and it doesn’t work. I will catch up on Tommy at some point but for not thanks for dropping by my blog again, much appreciated.

  2. It just gets better and better with each post.
    Thanks again for sharing it with us all, I’m truly addicted [to this, not booze]

    • scousepov says:

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your lovely comments. I haven’t been able to write anything for the past month, and it’s going to be another month or more until I can really concentrate on Tommy again.. I’m mad mad busy completing my teacher training! Roll on mid-June!! Ha ha. Sorry haven’t had a chance to catch up with your blog either… but will make up for it very soon 🙂 Hope all is well!

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