Half way to twenty-eight

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What a mad few months!  It all started in April on my 14th birthday.  Yeah, I’m 14 now!  Only seems like yesterday since I turned 13 and became a proper man… and now here I am half way to 28!  Being half way to 28 has its ups and downs though… I’ve got all these feelings.. stuff I’ve never known before.  It’s all going on in my head; sending me off my head.

They want you to behave like an adult, but then speak to you like a 5 year old little kid.   It’s dead hard being half way to 28.

Early April I only had one thing on my mind.. Penny Salerno.   We’d got dead close over the weeks.  I was walking her home from school every day.  Loads of stuff I say makes her laugh.   She does something to me…  when she smiles.. something deep inside me that I’ve never really felt before (well apart from the time I found those girly mags stuffed in the inside of Binny’s guitar – they gave me a weird feeling when I flicked through them, but this feeling with Penny is better),  I can’t stop thinking about her when I’m on my own, locked in my bedroom.

I’d started walking Penny home, but stopping at the end of her road, ’cause for such a gorgeous, perfect girl, she had one humongous fault…..  BIG BROTHERS… and to make things worse, they had ME in their sights!

  1. val odriscoll says:

    keep them coming gill they are fab

  2. Shirley Anne says:

    So glad you have resumed the story I have been following it since the beginning and was a bit miffed when you stopped. You are a talented writer and one of the very, very few I bother to read. Well I gorra to show my support for a fellow Scouser aven I?

    Shirley Anne x

    • scousepov says:

      Thanks shirley anne, it’s been a very busy few months so Tommy had been pushed to the sidelines. But I hope to do some catching up with him now!

  3. M.I.L. Val says:

    Thank goodness you have resumed the Tommy Scouse story, I have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms not knowing how he is faring. Keep the episodes coming. Oh! and well done on passing your exams I knew you could do it! XX

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