Four O’clock Fix

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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April came and went… I walked Penny Salerno home at every chance I got.   Her laughing at every stupid joke I told (I even made some of them up!), and me feeling dead warm inside every time she did laugh.  I started hating the weekends ’cause it meant I wouldn’t see her (But I still loved walking our Regal at Ray’s house on Sundays!).   Me ma was hardly ever home, and she was showing signs of using.    I’d tried to ignore it over the weeks, and kept telling myself that they were just Binny’s needles I was finding.  But when Binny disappeared off the face of the earth again, I knew for sure me ma was on it.

Penny Salerno was the only thing that kept my mind off it.  I couldn’t wait ’til four o’clock Monday to Friday just so I could walk her to the end of her road.  She was my drug, just like smack was now me ma’s.    If I thought that I was losing me ma before, I knew now that I’d lost her for good.


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