Today Greaty Market, Tomorrow the Universe!

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Jeremy Clarkson called Richard Branson a beard...

“Space virgins need chutes”. The Times (London) . . Retrieved 26 April 2010 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only have I got the love of a good woman now (The beautiful and talented Ms Salerno!) But my luck is up and running in other ways too… Penny’s got me a job on her ma’s dressmaking stall down Greaty Market!  She says if I single-handedly sell material and bring in new custom to the stall she’ll give me two quid for every sale! TWO quid for EVERY SALE!  I was working that out in my head.. and it basically means that if I can get 100 people a day to buy something then I’ll clock up 200 quid a day!!! I’LL BE LOADED!

Greaty market is only on Saturdays, but I was thinking that if I can do dead good at that, then I can start working at other markets in the week.. maybe on the fruit and veg at Saint John’s and then work my way up to fresh meats, I could end up being like that fella Richard Branston by the time I’m eighteen!  Having my own helicopter and flight company by the time I’m twenty-one ….   Penny will be mega impressed! I’m dead looking forward to it big style!


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