TIDDLEDY WINKS (Photo credit: psd)

I’ve had two weeks of Zani’s heavies’ giving me the evils across the bacon butties at Greaty Market.  Last week one of the dickheads was even hard-faced enough to buy a coffee from me!  I tried to make out like I didn’t know who he was, but he was staring at me the whole time, and he could see I was shitting myself.    I was hoping he’d look away so I could gob in his black coffee, but he was watching me like a hawk.

It’s been a few weeks and still they haven’t pounced yet… but they’re there every Saturday, staring at me near the stall opposite.  I don’t know what their game is but I know it’s not tiddlywinks!  I’ve started clearing up with Pete at the end of the day, and shutting up the van with him.. that way he feels like he has to offer me a lift home, even though  it’s in the other direction from where he’s going.

I’ve got myself a flicky though – all I can do now is wait…..


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