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TIDDLEDY WINKS (Photo credit: psd)

I’ve had two weeks of Zani’s heavies’ giving me the evils across the bacon butties at Greaty Market.  Last week one of the dickheads was even hard-faced enough to buy a coffee from me!  I tried to make out like I didn’t know who he was, but he was staring at me the whole time, and he could see I was shitting myself.    I was hoping he’d look away so I could gob in his black coffee, but he was watching me like a hawk.

It’s been a few weeks and still they haven’t pounced yet… but they’re there every Saturday, staring at me near the stall opposite.  I don’t know what their game is but I know it’s not tiddlywinks!  I’ve started clearing up with Pete at the end of the day, and shutting up the van with him.. that way he feels like he has to offer me a lift home, even though  it’s in the other direction from where he’s going.

I’ve got myself a flicky though – all I can do now is wait…..


BACON-BUTTY (Photo credit: johnb/Derbys/UK.)

I did such a boss job on The Butty Van (that’s what the burger van in Greaty Market is called), Pete, the owner, asked if I wanted a job! Every Saturday I’m working from ten till four on the van.  He gives me forty nicker in my hand.   If the bizzies turn up and I haven’t ducked in time, then I have to say Pete is my uncle, and I’m just helping him out for free.  Sorted! 🙂

NOW I’ve finally got the money to take Penny Salerno out, but she won’t talk to me ever since I accidentally gave her cousin Zani a scouse kiss! I’ve knocked at her house twice, and tried to talk to her at school, but she just said I’m not the lad she thought I was.  I’ve tried to explain that Zani had robbed my sales, and that I hadn’t meant to headbutt him; my head had just met with the bit between his eyes that’s all.  But Penny won’t have none of it, she just says she doesn’t even want to look at me.   She says I broke his nose! I tried to explain that I didn’t mean to (even if he did  deserve it!).

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t had a knock on the door from the bizzies for assault.  Then, on Saturday while I was doling out a bacon and egg roll with mushrooms to a customer on The Butty Van, I noticed two fellas in their twenties giving me the evils near the stall opposite.   They stood there for about five minutes before whistling over to me.  When I looked up one of them pretended to slice his throat with his hand before they walked away.   I don’t mind telling you, I wasn’t feeling too good when I walked home off the van, especially now it’s getting darker earlier.   But there was no sign of anyone on my way home.   I’d never seen the fellas before, but I bet you a burger and chips that they were Mafioso related to Zani, and I don’t want to be waking up with a horse’s head in my bed! (I’ve seen The Godfather!)

I’ve never felt the need to carry a weapon, but somehow I think things are changing…